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Artists who are currently associated with the province of £ód¼, who work, live or create their work here, can include their biographical details. We are interested in visual artists who have graduated from an art school or an art department with a minimum 3-year of art practice, artists who prove that they are able to independently create their art after they have graduated from school. Artists, who did not graduate from art schools can send their biographical information if they have worked artistically for 3 years and can document their practice by exhibitions of their works and/or articles written about them in press. Artists on the border of art and design, who creatively use the possibilities of both fields can also apply. We are interested in artists who search for new solutions within any art genre or experiment with various media, who enter into dialogue with social or historical contexts or who show an original view of reality.

Who may suggest an artist to be included in the directory?

We invite artists to apply and send their biographies. Artist can also be suggested by art theoreticians, curators and cultural institutions. One may suggest both living contemporary artists of various generations, and non living artists, whose art is worth remembering and popularising.

What kind of proposals are not accepted?

We are not interested in artworks created for commercial purposes e.g. advertising photography and graphics, applied arts such as decorations, jewellery etc.

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